Norm Veenstra


N12 Development is uniquely positioned to assist our clients with many different aspects of a development project from acquisition and assemblage, through development conceptualization and analysis, finance management, project management, and city agency coordination.

In short, with our many years of experience, we can help clients through the often daunting phases of development, with our consulting services. We know the ropes, the art of negotiation, and how the many diverse agencies really operate.

We save clients valuable time and money by helping property owners maximize vision, development potential and maximum equity of any real estate holding. It is our experience in identifying a project’s highest possible they land, residential properties, commercial/retail holdings, or any under-utilized building of any type...that brings about our high success rate. We relish working directly with exactly these varieties of properties, anywhere within the District of Columbia.

While we specialize in the development of residential and mixed-use commercial buildings, with over 15 years management experience we are equipped to offer project management for virtually any development project. We have assembled a team of targeted industry professionals who are available to develop strategic direction, as well as steward developments plans entirely through to completion.

The reality and secret to success for any business is keeping track of and managing the numbers. All profitable development must be bottom line driven in order to survive the variables of current, ever changing economic conditions. As Principal of n12 Development, Veenstra brings nearly 20 years hands-on experience, beginning with managing the finances of a large company for 15+ years, and designing improved systemization within many companies. This experience offers any operation improved bookkeeping and sound business strategies.