Norm Veenstra

Norm Veenstra

Norm Veenstra has resided on 12th Street NW in Logan Circle since 1997, having lived in both the Dupont & Logan Circle neighborhoods beginning in 1990. This is his home, his neighborhood and the inspiration for founding n12 Development. It became his goal to create a company that would allow him to do something he loves, while building a profitable business that serves the community.

U StreetAs both a residential and commercial landlord since 1999, he started his company with renovation projects, basement unit build-outs, and modernization of existing older properties, eventually evolving to include ground up condo construction and commercial site rejuvenation. Today the company is working on a number of new projects, having never lost its vision for supporting and strengthening development that builds sustainable community-based growth.

Three things are critical to fulfilling n12 Development’s mission:

• Building partnerships with neighborhood individuals and businesses;

• A commitment to urban renewal and grass-roots leadership; and

• Strengthening rather than replacing the physical and social structures that make up neighborhoods.

In support of these key factors, Veenstra was a founding member of the U Street Business & Arts Coalition (UBAC), now known as the Mid-City Business Association. He also served for two years as Board Member and Treasurer of the 14th & U Main Street Initiative, a neighborhood economic development program of the Historic National Trust. Veenstra holds a B. S. Degree in Managerial Economics from Carnegie Mellon University.